Johnathan Mercer

Johnathan Mercer

Johnathan Mercer

Chief Product Officer


John is the Chief Product Officer at Ledger Investing. As a data science and product leader, he has 15+ years of experience across industries building advanced analytics, apps, and platforms that empower people.

John started his career as the Founder/CEO of Xumbrus, an academic software company that helped tens of thousands of students, and later worked in many industries and advanced analytics groups at some of the greatest organizations in the US. At the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, John was a senior computational and technology lead where he invented and built GeNets, a multiple-award winning and patented platform for biological pathway analysis. As Chief Analytics Officer at a leading mobile intelligence company - Apptopia - he led the data science group to transform the analytic layer of the platform and drive all analytics in the organization.

John is a hackathon winner, has published in top scientific journals such as Nature, and has been honored to speak at events like the Business of Software Conference, Spark Summit, Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics, and the Annual Retreat of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

John graduated magna cum laude in both Economics (B.A.) and Statistics (M.S.), has a graduate level certificate in Data Science from Harvard, done other graduate work in Management Science and Applied Mathematics, and is addicted to courses through Udacity, EdX, and Coursera.


Ledger Investing is a Y Combinator and Silicon Valley VC backed start-up led my Samir Shah, former Head of Insurance Capital Markets at AIG. We are standing on the shoulders of actuarial giants to build AI that enables novel, real-time, transparent, and reliable insurance risk analysis. In this talk, we discuss our history and future, with an emphasis on how our platform uses H2O in the analytic layer to empower and unite the insurance industry and capital markets to securitize what has the potential to be over a Trillion dollar asset class.